What course do I need to do?

Which first aid course best suits your requirements will be down to the needs assessment of your business. There are no absolute rules but in general the Emergency First Aid at Work course is suitable for lower risk workplaces while the First Aid at Work course is also suitable for higher risk workplaces. We also offer specific courses for other situations – Outdoor and Paediatric courses for example.

The HSE publication First Aid at Work your questions answered is an excellent place to start when deciding what first aid arrangements you need to make.

HSE Due Diligence Checks:

At Somerset Adventures we are proud of the fact that we regularly get excellent feedback from the people who attend our First Aid courses, and many companies return to us again and again for quality training. For additional peace of mind we provide below details that may help you in deciding to choose Somerset Adventures.

The HSE provide advice for employers seeking a First Aid training organisation for their staff. Details of this advice may be found in the HSE publication Selecting a first-aid training provider.

We are pleased to reassure you that all our courses meet all the necessary requirements, and should you require any details or proof of any aspect then we would be delighted to provide this for you.

Certification for your course comes from one of two long-established certifying organisations: Aid Training and ITC. (We use ITC for the Outdoor First Aid course and Aid Training for all our other courses. If you specifically require a First Aid at Work course certified through ITC this can also be arranged).

Your instructor for your course will be Robin Harris, a former GP whose wealth of knowledge and practical experience will enhance your learning and understanding. If you require to see copies of appropriate FAW certification and training/assessing qualifications then please get in touch and we will be pleased to provide these.

The content of your course covers all the aspects laid down by the HSE. A broad overview of these topics will be found on the respective course pages on this site. The training provided is current and up-to-date, and can be referenced to the latest guidance from the Resuscitation Council (UK).

For details on any of our other policies (Internal and External Quality Assurance, Complaints Procedure etc) or regarding any other aspects of the courses please get in touch and we will be delighted to provide the necessary documentation and information.